High quality SupaScreen security products in Canberra

SupaScreen care and maintenance

Even though Amplimesh SupaScreen products are made to the highest quality and are weather-resistant, they still need a little care and maintenance like all fixtures around your home. This helps preserve the original appearance of the product, keeping it looking clean and tidy. As always, Mitchell Aluminium like to help the community of Canberra any way we can, so we have some care and maintenance advice for you to refer to when you need.

Anodised aluminium

All anodised aluminium surfaces should be kept clean of all dust, dirt, grime, and foreign matter. You can do this by using clean water and a small amount of mild detergent, making sure you thoroughly wash off the detergent with more clean water.

Under no circumstances should you use any abrasive cleaning agents like Ajax, or cleaning materials such as steel wool, as you will damage the anodised surface.

Powder coated aluminium

You must clean powder-coated aluminium surfaces because things such as dust, dirt, grime, and foreign matter will absorb moisture and damage the coating. Use a wet sponge with clean water and a small amount of mild detergent. Make sure you thoroughly wash off the detergent with more clean water to avoid deterioration of the coating which will occur as a result of soap deposition.

Never use abrasive cleaning agents such as Ajax and, if small scratches occur, they can be easily buffed out with a good quality car polish. If you do attempt this yourself, use the polish carefully, ensuring the coated surface is not removed.


The frequency of cleaning your SupaScreen products really depends where your home is located. Usually every 3-4 months is sufficient, but if products are exposed to severe conditions such as marine and industrial environments, they need to be cleaned every 2-4 weeks.
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