Framed Shower Screens

Contemporary or traditional framed shower screens in Canberra

An important part of any home is the bathroom, one of our most used rooms. A vital part to any bathroom is the shower, so don’t compromise when it comes to having a safe and fully functional shower screen.

Framed shower screens protect your floor from the gushing water when you take a shower and can also be a very stylish feature in your bathroom. Here at Mitchell Aluminium, we provide Canberra with high quality framed shower screen solutions that are well known for their strength and durability.

Pivot shower screens

We have a range of pivot shower screens that are a great and affordable alternative to traditional sliding screens if you are looking for something a bit more contemporary and stylish. Top quality pivot hardware is used to ensure smooth, trouble-free operation, and can be manufactured without side styles, eliminating aluminium content.

Sliding shower screens

Our traditional 3 or 2 door sliding framed shower screens are manufactured to withstand years of rugged usage and bathroom steam. All our shower screen doors are top hung, making them easy to operate and feature an open bottom sill. This is to reduce scum from building up and minimises shower cleaning. 
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