High-quality DecoWood in Canberra

A flawless timber alternative
Wouldn’t it be great to kit your home out with gorgeous timber fixtures and features without the maintenance effort and structural risk? We thought so, too. That’s why Mitchell Aluminium stocks and sells DecoWood: a marvellous timber alternative that retains the warmth and beauty of real timber, but removes the maintenance requirements and long-term property damage. 
Where can I use DecoWood?
DecoWood’s attractive finishes can be applied to all sorts of features such as doors, windows, shutters, screens and even outdoor furniture. Its durability makes it ideal in many different places. Pleasant to the touch and pleasing to the eye, DecoWood not only brightens your home with a stylish natural appearance, it also makes your life that much easier.
Stunning Results
At Mitchell Aluminium, we’re very excited to be able to supply such a high-quality product. DecoWood is available in a wide variety of authentic finishes and is sure to be a prime investment for any property owner looking for a stunning timber replacement.  
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