Care & Maintenance

Affordable DecoWood maintenance in Canberra

Though far more durable than timber, DecoWood products still require cleaning like any other powder coated product. Weather and environmental effects can disrupt the coating enough to cause damage, particularly in cities and coastal areas where chemicals such as chloride and sulphur can stain and corrode the surface.

How to clean your Decowood

In order to keep the finish in top shape, regular cleaning using warm, soapy water is highly recommended. The frequency of your washes depends on your location; the following chart outlines the appropriate schedule.


Cleaning Frequency


Every six months
Warm wash and soft brush
Every three months
Warm wash and soft brush
Every month
Warm wash and soft brush


Again, while DecoWood has impressive durability and is extremely reliable thanks to its hard-baked coating, it can still obtain dents and scratches if exposed to enough force. Fortunately, there are methods to remedy that should it happen. With some cut and polish, small kinks can be buffed out easily, and significant scratches only need some touch-up paint that can blend them into the original colour pattern.
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