Aluminium Cleaning Instructions

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Expert advice on aluminium cleaning in Canberra

Here at Mitchell Aluminium, we know better than anyone else that powder-coated and anodised surfaces absorb grime like a sponge, causing lasting damage that cannot be restored. All powder-coated and anodised aluminium window and door finishes need to be preserved with regular cleaning and maintenance. Grime deposition and contaminated moisture will slowly deteriorate those stunning finishes if you don’t look after them respectfully.

Aluminium, powder coated, and anodised surfaces should be cleaned by hand with a rinsing technique. Never use an abrasive cleaning agent as this will severely damage the surface and finish forever. Use a mild detergent with clean water, and rinse thoroughly so no detergent is left behind. Do not hose down your Mitchel Aluminium products. Instead, make sure you dry them off with a chamois or a soft cloth. We recommend cleaning aluminium at a time where the aluminium can dry quickly, so the morning hours are usually best.

Product recommendations

We recommend the use of Kitten "Glo-Wash" or Turtle Wax "Zip Wash." However should these products give less than the desired results, try Turtle Wax "Ice Polish" or RE-PO "Cream Polish" as per each manufacturer’s instructions. We must stress that you should only ever use the cleaning products mentioned in this section for your aluminium cleaning.

Do not use alternative products by the same manufacturers or any others, without written authorisation from G. James. Other products may contain chemicals which can permanently damage the surface finish, so please leave it to the experts to advise you accordingly.

Frequency of aluminium cleaning

The aluminium cleaning required is really dependant on the severity of your local environment and the following time periods we have provided represent a guide only. 

Rural and suburban environments: The maximum period between cleaning should never be more than 6 months.

Coastal, pool, and industrial environments: Your aluminium will need more frequent cleaning and we recommend a maximum between cleaning periods of no more than 3 months.

Extreme climates and conditions: Any aluminium facing severe conditions involving heavy grime deposition and atmospheric pollution must be cleaned at least once a month.

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