Flawless DecoWood products in Canberra

Why is DecoWood so great?

DecoWood completely negates the problems associated with real timber. Actual timber requires a lot of care and attention; both its appearance and strength deteriorate with time, creating a damaged look and an unsafe environment. Spending money on repairs and makeovers can quickly sour what would otherwise be a wonderful property feature.

With heightened durability, DecoWood products not only eliminate maintenance costs and structural dangers, they provide an appearance that starts attractive and stays attractive. Sunlight won’t fade the grain’s colour, while cracks and rot are non-existent. DecoWood emulates real timber but have the sustainability to be a healthy, long-term property asset.


Additionally, DecoWood never needs re-painting or sealing, meaning less effort for you, and less harmful greenhouse gas for the environment. It is also perfect for coastal properties and areas prone to bushfires; places that forbid timber will love DecoWood. Further still, it’s easily recycled when its lifespan comes to end.

If these incredible benefits sound good to you, give Mitchell Aluminium and call and experience DecoWood!

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